Mission Statement:

We are a faith-based non-profit corporation, whose goal is to assist and coordinate a path of recovery for individuals, couples and families. Based in Chicago’s western suburbs, we provide guidance by assisting in planning recovery strategies and referring people to applicable ministries or groups.

Assistance in establishing and maintaining a long term recovery plan may include but is not limited to, the following: structured 12 step program(s), spiritual direction, accountability assistance, proactive spousal/family involvement, marriage enrichment, job advocacy, volunteer/community service and transitional housing opportunities.


The Straight Ahead Network believes that recovery from any of life’s hardships, takes on many facets. Our main focus addresses alcohol or substance abuse or addictions. When the chemical issues have been resolved we begin working on the underlying multi-level personal and emotional problems common in everyday life.

Regardless of the issue being addressed, recovery can not begin until the individual makes a commitment and demonstrates a true desire to make a behavioral change. It must be understood by ALL involved that recovery requires a total lifestyle transformation. A successful plan will need to be organized, balanced and addressed on different levels with a dedicated support base. It is vital, family and friends understand the circumstances involved with recovery will place a priority on the individual’s well being.

While we put sobriety of the individual first, we are well aware of the wreckage that alcohol and drugs can leave behind.  Once the addiction/abuse has been confronted, we suggest to all those involved participate in an achievable family recovery program.